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Do you ever worry that your marketing team are not getting you the results you need on

Now, in 2020, it is more important than ever to have a presence on Amazon. Here’s some reasons why you can’t ignore Amazon:


Active Accounts on AmazonThat is 300 Million people who are actively looking for products to buy.


of Shoppers Begin Their Search on Amazon
Being visible and optimised on Amazon will give your brand first opportunity to make the sale.


9 Out of Every 10 Online Shoppers90% of consumers check Amazon before making a purchase.

Amazon Provides Huge Opportunity

Companies and brands can leverage Amazon’s customer base to create an extremely rewarding and profitable sales channel. Due to the amount of buyers on the platform, for brands and companies, small mistakes can mean Millions of Dollars left on the table.

78% of Businesses Are Not Satisfied With Their Conversion Rates.

For every $92 dollars businesses spend on acquiring customers, only $1 is spent on converting them. With 300 Million active accounts, the customers are already there looking for your products, acquisition is not the problem. What happens once a potential buyer sees your page is where the real magic happens.

Get Help From Experts

Maximise Your Presence & Potential with 4Profit Labs

To maximise your online presence you need an Amazon specialist. Strategies that work on Google, Facebook, Email Marketing or any other platform are often not directly transferrable.

Our specialised team members are solely dedicated to Amazon and are able to expertly navigate the complex Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms. We utilize skills and expertise that can only be developed with experience in the field, to give your brand financial lift on the BIGGEST online sales channel in the world.

Meet the Team Leaders

The founders of 4Profit Labs have spent the last few years testing and adjusting their strategy, extrapolating the best practices and methods for online success.

Sean Chow

Sean Chow

7-Figure seller on across multiple companies. A deep knowledge of the Amazon system and understanding of the customer buying habits give him a unique perspective and expertise in internet sales and e-commerce. He now spends his time consulting brands and growing internal operations.

Micheal Allen

Micheal Allen

Head Creative Lead. Mike has spent the past 10 years in graphics and web development roles, guiding businesses on how to improve their front end to effectively turn leads into clients, and systemising back of house online procedures to free up time and money. He has an irreplaceable gift in utilising imagery to tell stories and convincing viewers to buy. A perfect leader for our Design and Media teams.

The Potential Impact of Optimizing Your Products on Amazon

Yearly Sales Over 10 Products

  Product X Product X
ConversionRate %5%25%
Page Views Per Day10001000
Units SoldPer Day50250
Priceof Product$30$30
Yearly Sales Daily Sales x 365$547,500$2,727,500
Sales Revenue Over 10 Products$5,475,000$27,375,000


This is an oversimplified example. These results are not typical to everyone and we do not guarantee you will achieve the same or similar results from optimizing your Amazon listings.

Our Services

The founders of 4Profit Labs have spent the last few years testing and adjusting their strategy, extrapulating the best practices and methods for online success. Our services are offered on both Seller Central and Vendor Central Platforms.

Amazon Strategy Development & Execution

Strategy tailored to your brands to facilitate maximum growth and sales.

Reports and Results

No fluff and No empty promises. You see with actual numbers the impact of any changes made. We are able to access historical data and compare it to current reports to give you REAL and QUANTIFIABLE results.

Dedicated Account Manager

Single point of contact for ease of communication. One manager that knows the entire ins and outs of your campaigns, business and brand.

Amazon Specific Copywriting

Receive copywriting for your entire portfolio that is specifically written to convert Amazon buyers. Exponentially increase sales by increasing your on-page conversions.

Image Conversion Optimization

Image stack creation and editing. Using conversion science we create optimal online environment for buyers and get you more sales.

Keyword Research and Placement

Watch your products rise up the search rankings with correct placement and specific targeting of long and short tail keywords.

AMS Ad Strategy and Execution

Using Pay Per Click strategy within the Amazon system to boost sales and ranking.

Product Portfolio Management

Analysis of all of your products, restructuring of listings and management of day to day activities to stay on top of results, rankings and sales.

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